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I’m a children’s author living in New York City with one husband, two daughters,
Mr. Noodle, my love hog Yorkshire Terrier, my new puppy Luna, a Lhaso Apso-Poodle mix, and Daisy, a cat with a seriously bad attitude.

I grew up in a Brooklyn Housing Project and had a best friend whose name rhymed with mine. We went everywhere together and some people even thought we were sisters. Sometimes we’d say yes!

Speaking of names, it’s rare that people get my name on the first try so I’ll answer to anything ending with, ette. If you want to say my name, it sounds like this: Duh-net. Sometimes if someone is asking, "Where's the net?" I’ll answer, "Here I am!" My mom calls me Nettie and so do some of my nieces and nephews. Once in a while I’m simply referred to as Aunt Net.

I didn’t start out as a writer nor a very good reader. When my fifth grade teacher pointed out that I needed help with my reading, I began visiting the library like a crazed maniac. I was determined to prove my teacher wrong so, I began checking out lots of books. I had been turned into a reading machine! Because of this teacher, my love of reading was born. Seems only right to give a BIG thank you to Ms. Gotlieb, wherever she may be! I began writing seriously in 2004 with TROUBLE NO SET LIKE RAIN which later became THE TROUBLE WITH HALF A MOON.